Paroles: God Did Freestyle

Yeah, I just came to the studio
Not anybody can do this shit
Not anybody can do it this big (M-M-M—)
Sometimes you gotta state your facts
Sometimes you gotta say your stats (M-M-M—)
Yeah, hehe, uh (M-M-M—)

Yeah (Yeah), Fiv' did (Uh)
Lord forgive me for all the drillin' that I did
Who was sayin' viral before I did? (Huh)
How many drill rappers came out of my crib? (Yeah)
Yeah, nigga, all of 'em
Niggas my seeds, I just water 'em (Yeah)
Certain rappers good in they lanes 'cause niggas extorting them
And I already beat my opps but I'm still tauntin' 'em (Look)
And I put the biggest features on drill music
Yeah, it was a lot of drillin' but it's still music
They tryna ban us 'cause niggas wanna kill to it
It wasn't fit for the radio but they still use it (Maybach Music)
I did Drake, I did Ye, I did Nas
I did Alicia Keys, I did Mary J. Blige
I did Nicki Minaj
I went verse for verse with the top legends and survived (I did)
Nigga, I did more than the above
And I believed them when they told me it was love
But when I asked for a favor back, they act like I was bugged
I ain't sayin' names but them niggas know who they was
I had platinum plaques and Grammy nominations before a album out
It was COVID when I did Wild 'N Out
Yeah, if I own it, then it get rhymed about
And I can't run into my opps 'cause they be hidin' out
And Hov never mentioned but I know he hear me too
Yeah, young boy said I'm the king, he compared me to you
Nigga, that was Kanye West
I even sampled one of Beyoncé's best
Even Beyoncé said "Demon time"
Khaled ain't called me for the album, that hurt me inside
On my album, he did a skit called "God Did"
Then dropped the album called GOD DID, uh
Yeah, like is this pain really worth the fame?
We almost lost Tjay, is it worth them chains? (Yeah)
Nigga, I don't even hurt the same
Brought Mase back to life, man, that's a million dollars worth of game
Ha, that nigga lied, talkin' about I'm scared of who
Nigga, you fried
He ain't even wanna say it
I see it in his eyes
And you still hate Diddy, so how I'm lettin' that shit slide?
Who else made a New York anthem? Yeah, Hov did
JD could never beef with me, I bailed him out of a whole bid
I done traveled the whole globe, kid
New York City feel like my old crib
Ha, and I'm just gettin' started
Who else dropped rakes on the red carpet?
Nigga, do what I want
He not feelin' me, nigga's a munch
And what they did in some years, took me some months
Give me my credit, nigga, enough is enough
And not just that, I'm out of a couple of stuff
They don't let me perform no awards or none of that stuff (Uh)
The Glock Boyz in the building tonight
Boy in his feelings is nice (Look)
He get paid twice if he kill him tonight
As if he killin' him
Yeah, uh
I heard the opp said it's out with me
Even Yo Gotti don't wanna f*ck with me (Damn)
Even yo' thottie fallin' in love with me (Damn)
Even yo' body come in the bunk with me (Yeah)

They counted us out (Yeah, nigga)
They didn't think that we would make it, oh (Fivio Foreign)
They didn't believe in us, oh
But I know God did, God did (Don't test me, don't second guess me)
Oh, God did (Oh-oh)
Oh, yes, God did (Oh-oh, a time or two)
Oh, God did
But I know God did (Yeah)
Grrt, baow
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