Paroles: Destruction

[Tobe Nwigwe]
I've been in the cut like snip snip
If you hear the gun go click click, then ya dead
My plan is to have about six kids
Get my girl thick as biscuits from lil' Mrs. Baird's
Also make a whole lot of dough
But still remain what be floatin' in commodes
My lil' homie see my matrimony
Say he want one, but got so many hoes
Look, he don't really know that if you free the pigeons
He'd be livin' way above them weak conditions
He been reachin', I be leavin' hella propositions for him
Wishin' that he'd listen, but it's hard to pay attention when you on the hoes
But buddy in the club all religious, he get vicious
Whеn it come to gettin' digits, he gon' hollеr at the thickest
Make her feel like he the richest if lil' baby is a vixen
Her legs in the air like Eucalyptus 'fore she go home
But everybody leavin' unfulfilled, when the thrill
Of the night is built on
Something fishy and you feel it in your gills
It ain't real, but you keep on
Swimming out the pond towards the field where ya don't belong
And you still ain't healed from the last one that had you
In ya heels big-steppin' towards destruction
[Eric Jamal, Ras Austin & Choir]
You see (Fe-fi-fo-fe)
If it's between me and you, brother (This is what destruction sounds like)
Heh, I don't think I can lose, brother (Fe-fi-fo-fe, this is what destruction sounds like) (Tryna find my way)
You see, this thing called life, uh (Fe-fi-fo-fe)
We only get one of those (This is what destruction sounds like) (Tryna find my way)
And if you get in the way of mine (Fe-fi-fo-fe, ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah)

[Ras Austin]
Woah, pardon me, huh
Blood clot cloggin' my artery, huh
Gunshot straight through the heart of me, yo
Breathe, breathe, come on, need a breather
Walkin' towards the light as my conscience bereavin'
Told you more than others, you a lover, not a fighter
Tryna be a gangster, shoulda been a writer
Always wondered why the negativity excite ya
I'll be damned my next life end up like ya
Tryna find a kid and as I reincarnate
That'll one day listen to my wisdom, for heaven sake
Was tryna guide you godly, you got in my way
You a pain, but it hurt to see you die anyway

Somo de otra tela, don't compare us, nunca, never (Uh huh)
We can do it adonde sea como quieras (Uh huh)
Pick a place anywhere, esto te llega (Uh huh)
Talk to me nice, no soy cualquiera (Quiera)
Llamo a Tobe cuando estoy en Texas
Oye, hermano, vamo a cambiar el planeta
Real players from the South, it's nothin' better (Uh huh)
Mobbin' with my dawgs, feelin' like the GoodFellas
Bringin' back real rap, transcendin' trendsettesr
And the bongo go (Go), uh
In the slums all day, I was standin' in the hallway
Slappin' like (Like), uh
[Eric Jamal, Ras Austin & Choir]
Fool me once, shame on you (Fe-fi-fo-fe, this is what destruction sounds like)
Fool me twice, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom (Fe-fi-fo-fe, this is what destruction sounds like) (Tryna find my way)
If you my brother brother (Yeah) (Fe-fi-fo-fe, this is what destruction sounds like)
Then I need you to tell me somethin' (Yeah) (Fe-fi-fo-fe)
Tell me the truth (Ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah) (We now return you to regular programming)

[Taj Austin]
Come as a rich soul but go as a rich man
That lived on earth, whole thing, why pick land?
If that's your purpose, I'm just sayin'
We made it through mud and quicksand
Tell me what I am if not a real one
Since a lil' one, shootin' the fair one
Traits of greatness run in my veins like heroin
Vessel, grand plan in a manifesto
Of dreamers who voice now seem ancestral
My young souls huntin' ya dreams, haunted by goals
I remember strugglin', wantin' money to show sufferin'
Watchin' Moms support a humble abode
Now it's my place to humble the bold (Bold)

[Eric Jamal]
My, my, my, heh
From niggas to gods
Blessed to be blacker than an African
In a world where they tell me I'm inadequate
Yeah, you got some nerve, you got some nerve
[Eric Jamal]
Ask me why I walk around with attitude
Four hundred years, I was born to be mad at you
Born as a radical, you must think I'm Boo-Boo the fool
I see how you move, you try and play it cool but you hot
I'm kissed by the sun, a flower child pulled from his roots
Ya schools lied about the soil I'm from
Like, when did I leave and branch off my family tree?
We come from the dirt, the mud, we was meant to succeed
Was brought overseas to serve, but that's not in our breed
Coast Contra will forever be kings
History repeats

Fe-fi-fo-fe, this is what destruction sounds like
Fe-fi-fo-fe, this is what destruction sounds like (Tryna find my way)
Fe-fi-fo-fe, this is what destruction sounds like (Tryna find my way)
Fe-fi-fo-fe, ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
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