Baby Bash - Unsung the Album

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Baby Bash - Unsung the Album
artiste :   Baby Bash
Titre de l'album :   Unsung the Album
Date de Sortie :   18 décembre 2013

Tracklist :

  1. Break It Down (Ft. Too Short, Z-Ro & Clyde Carson)   Ecouter
  2. Slide (Ft. Miguel)   Ecouter
  3. Dance All Night (Ft. Problem)   Ecouter
  4. Low-Key (Ft. Raw Smoov)   Ecouter
  5. Kush N Red Wine (Ft. Marty JR & Baeza)   Ecouter
  6. Away We Go (Ft. Marty JR & Essay Potna)   Ecouter
  7. Smokin Naked (Ft. Tokie Renet)   Ecouter
  8. Who Wanna Blaze (Ft. Paul Wall & Snow the Product)   Ecouter
  9. Butterfly Kisses (Ft. Frankie J)   Ecouter
  10. Spoiled Lil Bitch (Ft. Paula D, Lucky Luciano & Mickael)   Ecouter
  11. Hot Boxin the Van (Ft. Paul Wall & Marcus Manchild)   Ecouter
  12. Doin the Most (Ft. Young Chokie, Lucky Luciano & Statis)   Ecouter
  13. Pacific Coast Time (Ft. Kazie & Jay Tee)   Ecouter

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