Bizarre - D.R.U.G.S (Dat Real Underground Shit)

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Bizarre - D.R.U.G.S (Dat Real Underground Shit)
artiste :   Bizarre
Titre de l'album :   D.R.U.G.S (Dat Real Underground Shit)
Date de Sortie :   5 décembre 2018

Tracklist "D.R.U.G.S (Dat Real Underground Shit)":

1Bizarre - Want Beef (Feat. Von D.O.E Boobie Trap)Ecouter
2Lonely Boy - Professional VictimEcouter
3Danny Mellz - Like ThatEcouter
4JCast - RAW (Feat. Realistic)Ecouter
5Buchanan Kelz - Mommas Lil Dope FiendEcouter
6Chucky Cheese x Scott Storch - My BrainEcouter
7Auto54matic - Bar 4 BarEcouter
8Tarik McCoy - If I DieEcouter
9Daze - ToxicEcouter
10Bizarre and Gam - CuzzoEcouter
11Scru Face Jean - Last Ones Left (Feat. Crypt)Ecouter
12B Stone - Northern CaliforniaEcouter
13King Killumbia - Where Da Hoes At (Feat. Project Pat, Bizarre Lil Matt)Ecouter
14Trippy Trip - I Ain't About That LifeEcouter
15Hot Rapz - Wassup (Feat. Armageddon Hust)Ecouter
16Blair Thompsn - 5 News (Feat. Bizarre)Ecouter
17Johnny Bombz - Bill Of RightsEcouter
18EmEs - The PiperEcouter
19Jcool - Friday Tha 13th (Feat. Nr.Getic)Ecouter
20Hud Isaacson - Hud's AnthemEcouter
21Johnny Bombz - Follow My LeadEcouter
22The Rainman - Bought That (Feat. Young Buck)Ecouter
23Linkmaster - Death FamineEcouter
24Dark Gedi - Makashi (Renegade Freestyle Remix)Ecouter
25James Dural - The RealEcouter
26HD (Air-T) - Email 4 HimEcouter
27Bizarre - Talks D.R.U.G.S 2Ecouter
28Moonstruck - Death Of A WannabeEcouter

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