BJ The Chicago Kid - In My Mind

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BJ The Chicago Kid - In My Mind
artiste :   BJ The Chicago Kid
Titre de l'album :   In My Mind
Date de Sortie :   11 fevrier 2016

Tracklist "In My Mind":

1 Intro
2 Man Down feat. Buddy and Constantine
3 Church feat. Chance The Rapper and Buddy
4 Love Inside feat. Isabella
5 The Resume feat. Big K.R.I.T.
6 Shine
7 Wait Til The Morning feat. Isa
8 Heart Crush
9 JeremiahWorld Needs More Love feat. Eric Ingram
10 The New Cupid feat. Kendrick Lamar
11 Woman s World
12 Crazy
13 Home
14 Falling On My Face
15 Turnin Me Up

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