Chris Travis - See You There

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Chris Travis - See You There
artiste :   Chris Travis
Titre de l'album :   See You There
Date de Sortie :   30 mai 2015

Tracklist "See You There":

1Comin ThruEcouter
2Woods UpEcouter
3Her LullabyEcouter
4Oh NoEcouter
5Water PartyEcouter
6Watch And Forget ItEcouter
7Last BiteEcouter
8Space JamEcouter
9The Bad Side Of MeEcouter
10I Think I Got It BroEcouter
11Over And OverEcouter
12Ima Go [Interlude]Ecouter
13Swerve SlowEcouter
14Where You AtEcouter
15Current MotionEcouter
16You Know, You KnowEcouter
17Enjoy The MomentEcouter
18R RatedEcouter

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