Doe B - D.O.A.T. 3 (Definition Of A Trapper)

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Doe B - D.O.A.T. 3 (Definition Of A Trapper)
artiste :   Doe B
Titre de l'album :   D.O.A.T. 3 (Definition Of A Trapper)
Date de Sortie :   1 avril 2014

Tracklist & Lyrics "D.O.A.T. 3 (Definition Of A Trapper)":

1I RememberLyricsEcouter
2Whenever Wherever (Ft. T.I. & Spodee)LyricsEcouter
3Half TimeLyricsEcouter
4Betta Kno ItLyricsEcouter
5Money and the Power (Ft. BIG HULK)LyricsEcouter
6Turn UpLyricsEcouter
74 Houses (Ft. Lil Daddy, Pakman & Boston George)LyricsEcouter
8Chickens in the CoupeLyricsEcouter
9Love To Hate Me (Ft. T.I., Big Kuntry King & MITCHELLE’L)Ecouter
10You Don’t Even Know (Ft. King South & J.R. Boss)Ecouter
11Got Damn (Ft. Young Dro & Trae the Truth)LyricsEcouter
1210 Freaky Girls (Ft. OG Phee)LyricsEcouter
13Trashbag Money (Ft. J.R. Boss & Perry Boy)LyricsEcouter
14Homicide (Ft. T.I.)LyricsEcouter
15Trappin Made it HappenLyricsEcouter
16Make You Famous (Ft. Rel Da Real)LyricsEcouter
17Eye for an Eye (Ft. TrenaCote Shawty)LyricsEcouter
18Da TruthEcouter
19All Gas (Ft. T.I., Problem, Shad Da God & Trae tha Truth)LyricsEcouter
20Mind of a Tapper (Ft. Supernard)LyricsEcouter
214 My PeopleLyricsEcouter
22Still Ballin (Ft. T.I. & King South)LyricsEcouter

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