Tracklist & paroles The Block Brochure Welcome To The Soil Vol. 4 par E-40

Date de sortie: 10 decembre 2013

Tracklist "The Block Brochure Welcome To The Soil Vol. 4":

1 Bamboo
2 Bendin Corners (Skee Skert)
3 Chitty Bang (feat. Juicy J and Ty Dolla Sign)
4 Yellow Gold (feat. Droop-E & Work Dirty)
5 Sht Like That (feat. Young Dro and Spodee)
6 Ball Out (feat. NHT Boyz)
7 Episode (feat. T.I. and Chris Brown)
8 Got That Line
9 Thirsty (feat. King Harris)
10 Tree in the Load (feat. Cousin FIK and Choose Up Cheese)
11 Candlelight
12 Stompdown (Skit)
13 By Any Means (feat. Webbie and J. Stalin)
14 Money On My Mind (feat. Bosko)
15 Home Again (feat. Mike Marshall)

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