Hopsin - No Shame

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Hopsin - No Shame
artiste :   Hopsin
Titre de l'album :   No Shame
Date de Sortie :   24 novembre 2017

Tracklist :

  1. Hotel in Sydney   Ecouter
  2. Right Here   Ecouter
  3. Twisted   Ecouter
  4. Cute in a Suit (Skit)   Ecouter
  5. All Your Fault (Remix)   Ecouter
  6. Money on the Side   Ecouter
  7. I Wouldn't Do That   Ecouter
  8. Black Sheep (feat. Eric Tucker)   Ecouter
  9. I Must Be On Somethin   Ecouter
  10. Tell'em Who You Got It From   Ecouter
  11. The Purge   Ecouter
  12. Happy Ending   Ecouter
  13. No Words 2 (Skit)   Ecouter
  14. Panorama City (feat. Joey Tee)   Ecouter
  15. Ill Mind of Hopsin 9   Ecouter
  16. Marcus' Gospel (feat. Michael Speaks)   Ecouter
  17. Witch Doctor   Ecouter

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