Tracklist & paroles Out of the Quarantine par Jody Lo

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Tracklist "Out of the Quarantine":

1 3 pm
2 Pressure
4 Elevator (Ft. Vidal Garcia)
5 Ran off again
6 Never changed (Ft. iAmDom)
7 Hit em up
8 50 (Ft. Jahron)
9 No justice no peace

Informations de l'album

Jody Lo - Out of the Quarantine



Winston-Salem artist Jody Lo releases his 3rd mixtape of 2020; “Out of the Quarantine”. Obviously created during the coronavirus pandemic, the mixtape boasts 9 strong tracks and stands at a solid 25 minutes. Plenty of vibes on this one, the usual his and trap raps as well as music highlighting the importance of guidance for the youth and social injustices faced by minorities (SOS & No justice). Full mixtape available everywhere music is streamed


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