Kevin Gates - Lean Years

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Kevin Gates - Lean Years
artiste :   Kevin Gates
Titre de l'album :   Lean Years
Date de Sortie :   18 fevrier 2016

Tracklist "Lean Years":

2Streets (Feat Raw)Ecouter
3Get In The WayEcouter
4My Momma Know (Snippet)Ecouter
5Put That Azz On MeEcouter
6Feel Me Or NotEcouter
7Guss Intro FreestyleEcouter
8Its A DifferenceEcouter
9Life Of A Real NiggaEcouter
10All My LifeEcouter
11The Game In StitchesEcouter
12Addicted To The GameEcouter
13In Da Trap (Feat Nuie)Ecouter
14Just StartingEcouter
15Chalked NiggaEcouter
16Situations In A LifetimeEcouter
17Solve My ProblemsEcouter
18Back Against The WallEcouter
19Do It In The MirrorEcouter
20In My Bed FreestyleEcouter
21Marks On My HeartEcouter
22U Are What U Eat Freestyle (Outro)Ecouter
23My NameEcouter
24Get In The Way RMX (Lil Boosie)Ecouter
26Streets Of BREcouter
27Maybach Music (Freestyle)Ecouter
28The Way I AmEcouter
29Take A Ride (Feat Malachi)Ecouter
30Find My Way (Feat Max Minelli)Ecouter
31Emotionless (Freestyle)Ecouter
32Gotta Have Cash (Feat Lil Phat)Ecouter
33Keep A HeaterEcouter
35Die Behind MeEcouter
36Think I Like HerEcouter
37Love Me No More (Freestyle)Ecouter
38Lay My Life DownEcouter
39Remember MeEcouter
40Life I KnoEcouter
41Get Ya BackEcouter
42We ShineEcouter
43Youll Never KnowEcouter
44Break It OffEcouter

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