Kevin Gates - Lean Years

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Kevin Gates - Lean Years
artiste :   Kevin Gates
Titre de l'album :   Lean Years
Date de Sortie :   18 fevrier 2016

Tracklist :

  1. Intro   Ecouter
  2. Streets (Feat Raw)   Ecouter
  3. Get In The Way   Ecouter
  4. My Momma Know (Snippet)   Ecouter
  5. Put That Azz On Me   Ecouter
  6. Feel Me Or Not   Ecouter
  7. Guss Intro Freestyle   Ecouter
  8. Its A Difference   Ecouter
  9. Life Of A Real Nigga   Ecouter
  10. All My Life   Ecouter
  11. The Game In Stitches   Ecouter
  12. Addicted To The Game   Ecouter
  13. In Da Trap (Feat Nuie)   Ecouter
  14. Just Starting   Ecouter
  15. Chalked Nigga   Ecouter
  16. Situations In A Lifetime   Ecouter
  17. Solve My Problems   Ecouter
  18. Back Against The Wall   Ecouter
  19. Do It In The Mirror   Ecouter
  20. In My Bed Freestyle   Ecouter
  21. Marks On My Heart   Ecouter
  22. U Are What U Eat Freestyle (Outro)   Ecouter
  23. My Name   Ecouter
  24. Get In The Way RMX (Lil Boosie)   Ecouter
  25. Girlfriend   Ecouter
  26. Streets Of BR   Ecouter
  27. Maybach Music (Freestyle)   Ecouter
  28. The Way I Am   Ecouter
  29. Take A Ride (Feat Malachi)   Ecouter
  30. Find My Way (Feat Max Minelli)   Ecouter
  31. Emotionless (Freestyle)   Ecouter
  32. Gotta Have Cash (Feat Lil Phat)   Ecouter
  33. Keep A Heater   Ecouter
  34. Posted   Ecouter
  35. Die Behind Me   Ecouter
  36. Think I Like Her   Ecouter
  37. Love Me No More (Freestyle)   Ecouter
  38. Lay My Life Down   Ecouter
  39. Remember Me   Ecouter
  40. Life I Kno   Ecouter
  41. Get Ya Back   Ecouter
  42. We Shine   Ecouter
  43. Youll Never Know   Ecouter
  44. Break It Off   Ecouter

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