Tracklist & paroles Loyalty Casket par Lil B

Date de sortie: 11 novembre 2019

Tracklist "Loyalty Casket":

1 Loyalty Casket Intro
2 Lil B Is the BasedGod
3 Task Force Let Us In
4 Gotta Respect It
5 Hot Boy Flow
6 Backround Check
7 Bmtf in Albany Ca
8 Count Dtat Kash
9 I Give My Life for the Bitch Mob
10 Front of the Yard
11 I No Lil B I No Lil B
12 I Cant Trust No Fake Ah Bih
13 Lil B Happy Halloween
14 Simplest Form
15 The Viewing of the Casket Interlude
16 Neva Happend
17 They Might Be a Snitch
18 Under or Above Basedworld Interlude
19 Yup Based Freestyle
20 Inky With the Dinky
21 Puttin Bricks On
22 I Kant Fight the Feeling
23 Secret
24 Afterlife Tryna Get a Raise
25 Thank You BasedGod Woo
26 Day of the Dead and Life Interlude
27 Day of the Dead
28 Wolves Come out at Night Based Freestyle
29 Halloween Night Interlude
30 Its Lil B
31 Always on the Ride
32 Dont Lie 2 Me
33 BasedGodDrake
34 Conflicted and Gifted
35 Bih I Love Lil B
36 Task Force Tributes
37 Booty Pics
38 In the Bushes
39 Your Mind Is a Gold Mine
40 Bitch Mob Unite
41 Fukin Wid It Based Freestyle
42 I Cant Explain It Based Freestyle
43 Wat Im Duin Based Freestyle
44 The Funeral Home
45 Bum Bitch Lil Yase Lil B Remix
46 BasedGod Bassrock Based Freestyle
47 The Lower Layer
48 The Crows and Birds
49 Ask for Forgivness
50 Thinking Bout
51 Vampires at the Bar
52 Diamonds in the Grave
53 Only Real Love
54 Mexico Love Ya
55 The Deep Hallway
56 The Hallway Full of Wealth
57 Chance
58 Skeletons and Freaks
59 Been Waiting Outro

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