Lil B - Thugged Out Pissed Off

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Lil B - Thugged Out Pissed Off
artiste :   Lil B
Titre de l'album :   Thugged Out Pissed Off
Date de Sortie :   31 décembre 2015

Tracklist "Thugged Out Pissed Off":

1Come To The Waterfront INTROEcouter
2Off TopEcouter
3I Love Bitche$Ecouter
4Stephen HawkingEcouter
5Kill Every SnitchEcouter
6Play The HoodEcouter
7Get RIchEcouter
8With MeEcouter
9Vest OffEcouter
11Flexin Rick RossEcouter
12In Love With The BasedGodEcouter
13I Was Born PoorEcouter
14Giving Up RemixEcouter
15Selling Jerry BASED FREESTYLEEcouter
164 Tha RecordEcouter
17Keep It So GuttaEcouter
19I Am Pretty Boy MusicEcouter
20Yun Wan BeefEcouter
21A Brick And FNEcouter
22Corna StoEcouter
23Finess EmEcouter
24Soul FoodEcouter
25Laugh Now Cry LaterEcouter
26Ny Cab Wont StopEcouter
27Stopping And GoingEcouter
28Girlfriend on my nervesEcouter
29With My Gunz OutEcouter
30Domestic Violence CaseEcouter
31At WorkEcouter
32Sellin Off DummiesEcouter
33Black Bih StoleEcouter
34I Am a ThugEcouter
35Take This TripEcouter
36Multiple MindstatesEcouter
37Based Jam RemixEcouter
38Listen Pay AttentionEcouter
39Water On The PaperEcouter
40Mines Well Be HankEcouter
41Heaven For A GEcouter
42Im PositiveEcouter
43Everytime I FailEcouter
44Handle Your GoalsEcouter
45The BasedGods ComingEcouter
46Drop OutEcouter
47Dont Need HelpEcouter
48Rules To JoinEcouter
49Im GovermentEcouter
50Flexin Maury PovichEcouter
51White ManEcouter
52Wild Wild WestEcouter
53Light You UpEcouter
54Cash OutEcouter
55East Oakland InternationalEcouter
56Smoking With ObamaEcouter
57Tryna Buy Pu$$yEcouter
58Thugs Pain Remix PT2Ecouter
592 Rich To Pimp REMIXEcouter
61Ray RiceEcouter
62Bout That UndaEcouter
63I Cant BreathEcouter

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