Lil Boosie - Touch Down 2 Cause Hell

Lil Boosie - Touch Down 2 Cause Hell
Artiste :   Lil Boosie
Titre de l'album :   Touch Down 2 Cause Hell
Date de Sortie :   21 mai 2015

Tracklist :

  1. Intro (Get Em Boosie)
  2. Window Of My Eyes
  3. Mercey On My Soul (Feat. Jeezy, Akelee)
  4. Like A Man (Feat. Rich Homie Quan)
  5. On Deck (Feat. Young Thug)
  6. Retaliation
  7. No Juice
  8. On That Level (Feat. Webbie)
  9. Hip Hop Hooray (Feat. Webbie)
  10. Mr. Miyagi
  11. Black Heaven (Feat. Keysha Cole)
  12. She Dont Love Me (Feat. Chris Brown)
  13. All I Know (Feat. PJ)
  14. Drop Top Music (Feat. Rick Ross)
  15. Spoil You (Feat. T.I.)
  16. How She Got Her Name
  17. Kicking Clouds
  18. Hands Up
  19. Im Sorry

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