Lil yachty - Summer songs 2

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Lil yachty - Summer songs 2
artiste :   Lil yachty
Titre de l'album :   Summer songs 2
Date de Sortie :   25 juillet 2016

Tracklist "Summer songs 2":

1Intro (First Day of Summer)Ecouter
2For Hot 97 (feat. JBan$2Turn, Byou & BigBruthaChubba)Ecouter
4King of TeensEcouter
5Shoot Out the RoofEcouter
6Why? (Interlude)Ecouter
7Up Next 3 (feat. Lil Herb)Ecouter
8DipSet (feat. Offset)Ecouter
9Life Goes On (feat. Cook Laflare)Ecouter
10Yeah YeahEcouter
11Pretty (feat. Burberry Perry)Ecouter
12Such Ease (feat. Burberry Perry & Tyler Royale)Ecouter
13All In (feat. Burberry Perry, Byou, Kay the Yacht, BigBruthaChubba, $oop, Jban$2Turnt, Kodie Shane & K$upreme)Ecouter
14So Many PeopleEcouter

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