Mistah F.A.B. - Thug Tears 3

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Mistah F.A.B. - Thug Tears 3
artiste :   Mistah F.A.B.
Titre de l'album :   Thug Tears 3
Date de Sortie :   4 décembre 2018

Tracklist "Thug Tears 3":

1Libby IntroEcouter
2War VibesEcouter
3I'm Still LivingEcouter
4Thugs Dont Cry (Ft. Aye-B & SouthsideSu)Ecouter
5Prayed Up (Ft. Joseph Kay)Ecouter
6If You Ain't SlidinEcouter
7For the Soul (Ft. Mozzy & OMB Peezy)Ecouter
8Mad at the World (Ft. Aye-B)Ecouter
9Gettit How U Live (Ft. Ice City Frost & Young Ro)Ecouter
10Juicy (Ft. Bsmasha)Ecouter
11Miss You More (Ft. Charlie Rothsteen)Ecouter
13Keep On (Ft. Ally Cocaine & Bianca)Ecouter
14Project Stairway (Ft. Bsmasha & Young Gully)Ecouter
15Daddies N DaughtersEcouter
16She Said (Ft. Al Tha Gamer)Ecouter
17With No EyesEcouter
18Call 2 HeavenEcouter
19Jehovah Do You WitnessEcouter
20Thug Therapy (Ft. TWO14)Ecouter
21Where You At (Ft. The Jacka)Ecouter
23Mac MinisterEcouter

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