Pastor Troy - Welcome to the Rap Game

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Pastor Troy - Welcome to the Rap Game
artiste :   Pastor Troy
Titre de l'album :   Welcome to the Rap Game
Date de Sortie :   11 octobre 2014

Tracklist "Welcome to the Rap Game":

1Welcome to the Rap GameEcouter
2I’m That NiggaEcouter
3Crank It UpEcouter
4Do You Got a Man (feat. MJG)Ecouter
5I KnowEcouter
6Mashin’ (feat. Lil Flip)Ecouter
7If You Scared (feat. Mr. Mudd)Ecouter
8Hustlin’ 9 to 5 (feat. Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger)Ecouter
9For Real Money (feat. Princess)Ecouter
10Thirsty (feat. La Chat & Ying Yang Twins)Ecouter
11You Ain’t Gotta GoEcouter
12We ReadyEcouter
13Bout Loud MusicEcouter
14Pastor Crazy (feat. Playa Fly)Ecouter
15Don’t Fuck with Me (feat. Piazo)Ecouter
16Move to Mars (feat. 8Ball)Ecouter
17Reality Star (feat. K.B.)Ecouter
18I Heard Somebody Say (Bonus Track)Ecouter

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