Paul Wall - Houston Oiler

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Paul Wall - Houston Oiler
artiste :   Paul Wall
Titre de l'album :   Houston Oiler
Date de Sortie :   20 octobre 2016

Tracklist :

  1. Money Don’t Make Me   Ecouter
  2. Hustle Like a MF   Ecouter
  3. Thangz Are Crazy   Ecouter
  4. Caught Ya Lookin’   Ecouter
  5. Han Solo on 4’s   Ecouter
  6. Millionaire Dreams   Ecouter
  7. Why Is That   Ecouter
  8. Dying Breed   Ecouter
  9. Mike Dean   Ecouter
  10. Save Me from Myself   Ecouter
  11. Headed 2 the Country   Ecouter
  12. Holdin, Comin Diine   Ecouter
  13. Showroom Ready   Ecouter
  14. Real Shit, Fake People   Ecouter
  15. Stop Cryin, Start Prayin   Ecouter
  16. Swangin in the Rain (Muddmix)   Ecouter

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