Tracklist & paroles The Buffet par R. Kelly

Date de sortie: 11 decembre 2015

Tracklist "The Buffet":

1 The Poem
2 Poetic Sex
3 Anything Goes featuring Ty Dolla $ign
4 Let’s Make Some Noise featuring Jhené Aiko
5 Marching Band featuring Juicy J
6 Switch Up featuring Lil’ Wayne and Jeremih
7 Wanna Be There featuring Ariirayé
8 All My Fault
9 Wake Up Everybody
10 Get Out Of Here With Me
11 Backyard Party
12 Sextime
13 Let’s Be Real Now featuring Tinashe
14 I Just Want To Thank You featuring WizKid
15 Keep Searchin’
16 Sufferin’
17 I Tried
18 Barely Breathin’

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