Raekwon - The Wild

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Raekwon - The Wild
artiste :   Raekwon
Titre de l'album :   The Wild
Date de Sortie :   24 mars 2017

Tracklist :

  1. The Wild Intro   Ecouter
  2. This Is What It Comes Too   Ecouter
  3. Nothing   Ecouter
  4. Skit (Bang Head Right)   Ecouter
  5. Marvin (feat. CeeLo Green)   Ecouter
  6. Can't You See   Ecouter
  7. My Corner (feat. Lil Wayne)   Ecouter
  8. Skit (Fuck You Up Card)   Ecouter
  9. M&N (feat. P.U.R.E)   Ecouter
  10. Visiting Hour (feat. Andra Day)   Ecouter
  11. Skit (Bang Fall Down)   Ecouter
  12. The Reign   Ecouter
  13. Crown of Thorns   Ecouter
  14. Purple Brick Road (feat. G-Eazy)   Ecouter
  15. You Hear Me   Ecouter
  16. Bang Outro   Ecouter

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