Reks - All Eyes On Reks (Mixtape)

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Reks - All Eyes On Reks (Mixtape)
artiste :   Reks
Titre de l'album :   All Eyes On Reks (Mixtape)
Date de Sortie :   19 mars 2014

Tracklist :

  1. Intro   Ecouter
  2. Hold Your Applause   Ecouter
  3. My Arena (ft. Cityboy Dee)   Ecouter
  4. Jon Doe Flow (ft. Ea$y Money and Termanology)   Ecouter
  5. Hit and Run   Ecouter
  6. Jesus Take the Wheel (ft. N.O.R.E.)   Ecouter
  7. Devils Clutches   Ecouter
  8. Stick N Move (ft. LMS and Superstah Snuk)   Ecouter
  9. 54   Ecouter
  10. Music Not Murder   Ecouter
  11. Love That They Hate (ft. Lucky Dice and Boycott Blues)   Ecouter
  12. Youth In Revolt (ft. Knowledge Medina)   Ecouter
  13. B_tches,Hoe   Ecouter
  14. The Blah,Blah   Ecouter
  15. Turnt Up (ft. Wrekonize and Ekko)   Ecouter
  16. Skrippas Song (ft. Wais P and Lucky Dice)   Ecouter
  17. Open Letter…Bitch   Ecouter
  18. Devils Is A Lie (Remix)   Ecouter
  19. Gizmo (ft. EZ Dread)   Ecouter
  20. Outro   Ecouter

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