Riff Raff - Balloween

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Riff Raff - Balloween
artiste :   Riff Raff
Titre de l'album :   Balloween
Date de Sortie :   27 octobre 2016

Tracklist "Balloween":

1 Balloween Intro
2 Back from the Dead (feat. Skepta)
3 Fuck ‘Em All (feat. DJ Paul & Quavo)
4 Go Get It (feat. Chevy Woods & Lil Debbie)
5 Aqua Berry Freestyle Remix (feat. Lil’ Flip & Lil’ Keke)
6 Tonka Toy Freestyle
7 Switch Lanes (feat. Gunplay)
8 Working Everyday (feat. Lil B)
9 Stay Away from You (feat. Jimmy Wopo)
10 Take You Away
11 Diamonds Jumping Off My Necklace (feat. Trae tha Truth)
12 Always Up (feat. Yung Lean)
13 Fresh Pair of Robins (feat. DollaBillGates)
14 Staring at the Sun (feat. Ponce & Ghetty)
15 Moves Like Batman
16 Bitches in my Driveway (feat. Three Loco)
17 Lil Momma (M Mac Remix)
18 Sold the House
19 Heart of Gold (feat. Travis Barker)
20 Care Free



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