Riff Raff - Peach Panther

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Riff Raff - Peach Panther
artiste :   Riff Raff
Titre de l'album :   Peach Panther
Date de Sortie :   24 juin 2016

Tracklist :

  1. Peach Panther (Freestyle)   Ecouter
  2. Carlos Slim   Ecouter
  3. Only In America   Ecouter
  4. 4 Million   Ecouter
  5. Chris Paul   Ecouter
  6. Syrup Sippin' Assassin   Ecouter
  7. All I Ever Wanted (feat. Dolla Bill Gates)   Ecouter
  8. I Drive By (feat. Gucci Mane & Danny Brown)   Ecouter
  9. Mercedez (feat. G-Eazy & J. Doe)   Ecouter
  10. I Don't Like To Think (feat. Problem)   Ecouter
  11. Shout Out to the Bay (feat. King Chip)   Ecouter
  12. Betcha' Didn't Know (feat. Lil Durk)   Ecouter

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