RiFF RAFF - Tangerine Tiger

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RiFF RAFF - Tangerine Tiger
artiste :   RiFF RAFF
Titre de l'album :   Tangerine Tiger
Date de Sortie :   9 novembre 2018

Tracklist "Tangerine Tiger":

1Teal Tone LobsterEcouter
2De Chicãs (Ft. Big Tuck & Z-Ro)Ecouter
3Dukes of HazzzardEcouter
4Foreign Land (Ft. Tracy)Ecouter
5Lay by the Stars & Sleep by the OceanEcouter
6Prada Plasterd (Ft. Ricki Rich)Ecouter
7Granny Sellin' Dope (Ft. Snap Dogg)Ecouter
8As If Life Didn't Tear Us ApartEcouter
9Ultraviolet PirateEcouter
10Ice Behind My Lip (Ft. CHXPO, Trapboy Freddy & Yowda)Ecouter

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