RiFF RAFF - Tangerine Tiger

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RiFF RAFF - Tangerine Tiger
artiste :   RiFF RAFF
Titre de l'album :   Tangerine Tiger
Date de Sortie :   9 novembre 2018

Tracklist "Tangerine Tiger":

1 Teal Tone Lobster
2 De Chicãs (Ft. Big Tuck & Z-Ro)
3 Dukes of Hazzzard
4 Foreign Land (Ft. Tracy)
5 Lay by the Stars & Sleep by the Ocean
6 Prada Plasterd (Ft. Ricki Rich)
7 Granny Sellin' Dope (Ft. Snap Dogg)
8 As If Life Didn't Tear Us Apart
9 Ultraviolet Pirate
10 Ice Behind My Lip (Ft. CHXPO, Trapboy Freddy & Yowda)



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