The Alchemist - The Cutting Room Floor 3

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The Alchemist - The Cutting Room Floor 3
artiste :   The Alchemist
Titre de l'album :   The Cutting Room Floor 3
Date de Sortie :   25 décembre 2013

Tracklist :

  1. Obama Ear Rings   Ecouter
  2. Too Late (feat. Nas)   Ecouter
  3. The Hawaii Chair   Ecouter
  4. Jolly Ranchers (feat. Raekwon)   Ecouter
  5. Rock Creek Spark (feat. Raekwon)   Ecouter
  6. Triple Ka-Chingo   Ecouter
  7. My Money Partying (feat. Havoc)   Ecouter
  8. How It Goes (feat. Mobb Deep & Chinky)   Ecouter
  9. Problems (feat. Kool G Rap)   Ecouter
  10. We Keep the Title   Ecouter
  11. Perfectionist (feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill)   Ecouter
  12. Doo Wop (feat. Blu, Killer Ben & Planet Asia)   Ecouter
  13. The Flavor Wave   Ecouter
  14. Iron Biscuits (feat. Capone-N-Noreaga)   Ecouter
  15. True Blue (feat. The Large Professor)   Ecouter
  16. AIDS Diet   Ecouter
  17. Mechanic (feat. 50 Cent)   Ecouter
  18. Man Vs. Beast   Ecouter
  19. Way Out (feat. Gangrene & Evidence)   Ecouter
  20. Stay Fresh   Ecouter
  21. **CD2**   Ecouter
  22. Great Looking Hair   Ecouter
  23. Pool Hall Hustler (feat. Action Bronson & Roc Marciano)   Ecouter
  24. Songs In F Major (feat. Fashawn)   Ecouter
  25. Mister Microphone   Ecouter
  26. Cbs (feat. CJ Fly, Dessy Hinds & Nyck Caution)   Ecouter
  27. The Myth (feat. Styles P)   Ecouter

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