The Alchemist - The Cutting Room Floor 3

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The Alchemist - The Cutting Room Floor 3
artiste :   The Alchemist
Titre de l'album :   The Cutting Room Floor 3
Date de Sortie :   25 décembre 2013

Tracklist "The Cutting Room Floor 3":

1Obama Ear RingsEcouter
2Too Late (feat. Nas)Ecouter
3The Hawaii ChairEcouter
4Jolly Ranchers (feat. Raekwon)Ecouter
5Rock Creek Spark (feat. Raekwon)Ecouter
6Triple Ka-ChingoEcouter
7My Money Partying (feat. Havoc)Ecouter
8How It Goes (feat. Mobb Deep & Chinky)Ecouter
9Problems (feat. Kool G Rap)Ecouter
10We Keep the TitleEcouter
11Perfectionist (feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill)Ecouter
12Doo Wop (feat. Blu, Killer Ben & Planet Asia)Ecouter
13The Flavor WaveEcouter
14Iron Biscuits (feat. Capone-N-Noreaga)Ecouter
15True Blue (feat. The Large Professor)Ecouter
16AIDS DietEcouter
17Mechanic (feat. 50 Cent)Ecouter
18Man Vs. BeastEcouter
19Way Out (feat. Gangrene & Evidence)Ecouter
20Stay FreshEcouter
22Great Looking HairEcouter
23Pool Hall Hustler (feat. Action Bronson & Roc Marciano)Ecouter
24Songs In F Major (feat. Fashawn)Ecouter
25Mister MicrophoneEcouter
26Cbs (feat. CJ Fly, Dessy Hinds & Nyck Caution)Ecouter
27The Myth (feat. Styles P)Ecouter

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