Tracklist & paroles Keep It Real par Timbaland

Date de sortie: 14 mars 2014

Tracklist "Keep It Real":

1 Intro
2 3_30 In The Morning (feat. T Williams)
3 Wit’ Yo’ Bad Self (feat. Skillz)
4 Who Am I (feat. Twista)
5 What Cha Talkin’ Bout (feat. Magoo)
6 Birthday
7 What Cha Know About This
8 To My (feat. Nas)
9 Talking On The Phone (feat. Kelly Price Missy Ellliot)
10 Put’ Em On
11 Lobster & Scrimp (feat. Jay-Z)
12 Keep It Real (feat. Ginuwine)
13 John Blaze
14 I Get It On
15 Fat Rabbit (feat. Ludacris)
16 Can’t Nobody (feat. Lil Man)
17 Bringin’ It (feat. Troy Mitchel)
18 Outro

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