Yonas - The Transition Deluxe

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Yonas - The Transition Deluxe
artiste :   Yonas
Titre de l'album :   The Transition Deluxe
Date de Sortie :   21 décembre 2013

Tracklist "The Transition Deluxe":

1Set It OffEcouter
2Leaving You (feat. Jasmine Poole)Ecouter
3What More Can I SayEcouter
4Roller Coaster (feat. OCD Moosh & Twist)Ecouter
5Don’t Give a DamnEcouter
6The TransitionEcouter
7Lost MeEcouter
8Living in the Sky (Freestyle)Ecouter
9Thought I Told Y’allEcouter
10Never Let You DownEcouter
11Looking for YouEcouter
12Promises (feat. Cherub)Ecouter
13Girls of SummerEcouter
14My CityEcouter
15Pocket Full of DreamsEcouter
16A Reason to Breathe (feat. Brother Ali)Ecouter
17I’ve Been HereEcouter

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