Yonas - The Transition Deluxe

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Yonas - The Transition Deluxe
artiste :   Yonas
Titre de l'album :   The Transition Deluxe
Date de Sortie :   21 décembre 2013

Tracklist "The Transition Deluxe":

1 Set It Off
2 Leaving You (feat. Jasmine Poole)
3 What More Can I Say
4 Roller Coaster (feat. OCD Moosh & Twist)
5 Don’t Give a Damn
6 The Transition
7 Lost Me
8 Living in the Sky (Freestyle)
9 Thought I Told Y’all
10 Never Let You Down
11 Looking for You
12 Promises (feat. Cherub)
13 Girls of Summer
14 My City
15 Pocket Full of Dreams
16 A Reason to Breathe (feat. Brother Ali)
17 I’ve Been Here



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