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Biographie de Phat Kat

Phat Kat (aka Ronnie Cash), (b. Ronnie Watts) est un rappeur de la côte Est de Detroit, Michigan.


The Undeniable LP (2004, Barak Records)
The Quiet Bubble (2006, Mixtape)
Carte Blanche (2007, Look Records)
Katakombz (Coming Soon)

1st Down (Phat Kat & Jay Dee) - A Day Wit' The Homies (1995, Payday)
Dedication To The Suckers (1999, House Shoes Recordings)
Club Banger (2001, Barak)
Boss Of All Bosses Featuring Phat Kat, Nature & P-Dap (2005, DMB Records)
Game Over Ft. Phat Kat & Jay Dee (2005, Ghostly International)
Cold Steel (2007, Look Records)

2001 "Featuring Phat Kat" (from the Jay Dee album Welcome 2 Detroit)
2004 "True Story" (from the B.R. Gunna album Dirty District: Vol. 2)
2004 "Zoom" (from the Slum Village album "Detroit Deli"
2005 "Hear This" (from the Slum Village album Slum Village)
2005 "Detroit Rapstar" (from the Lil Skeeter album Detroit Rapstar)
2007 "Lookatusnow" from the Black Milk album Popular Demand
2008 "Bonus Track prod. Metodo Shintaro" from the Shotta Sangre album
2008 "Keep it Real" with Elzhi and "Do It" from the Cadik album "Basic"