Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy

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Biographie de Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy (né Maurice Young le 23 septembre 1973 à Sarasota, Floride) est un rappeur et ex membre de Slip-N-Slide

Books of Thugs
Thugs Are Us (2001)
Thug Holiday (2002)
Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets (2004)
Back By Thug Demand
1999; "Nann Nigga" (feat. Trina)
2000: "Shut Up" #83 US
2001: "Carlton Banks Bitch"
2001: "Take It to da House"
2001: "I'm A Thug"
2002: "In da Wind" (feat. Cee-Lo of Goodie Mobb)
2002: "Thug Holiday" #87 US
2004: "Let's Go" (feat. Lil Jon & Twista)
2005: "Sugar (Gimme Some)" (feat. Ludacris, Lil' Kim & Cee-Lo)
2006: "Drop (Low, Low, Low)"
2006: "Bet That" (feat. Chamillionaire and Gold Ru$h)
2006: "Duck Down" (feat. Plies & Notorious B.I.G

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