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Biographie de UGK

UGK (diminutif de Underground Kingz) est un duo de hip hop originaire du Texas. Le groupe, formé en 1987, est composé de Bernard Freeman, alias « Bun B », et de Chad Butler, alias « Pimp C », amis de longue date. Ce duo se distingue par sa longévité et son implication sur la scène underground, ainsi que par la qualité des productions crées par Pimp C.
Le groupe est dissous le 4 décembre 2007, avec le décès de Pimp C dans un hôtel de Los Angeles.



1988 : The Southern Way
"Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride"
"Short Texas"
"Tell Me Something Good"
"Trill Ass Nigga"
"Use Me Up"
"Tell Me Something Good (Radio)"

1992 : Banned
"Pregnant Pussy"
"Mothafucka Ain't Mine"

1992 : Too Hard To Swallow
"Something Good (Extende Version)"
"Use Me Up"
"Pocket Full Of Stones"
"Short Texas"
"Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride"
"It's Too Hard To Swallow"
"Cramping My Style"
"Feel Like I'm The One Who's Doin' Dope"
"I'm So Bad"
"Trill Ass Nigga"
"Something Good (Pimp C's remix)

1994 : Super Tight
It's Supposed To Bubble
I Left It Wet For You
Feds In Town
Pocket Full Of Stones, Pt. 2
Front, Back And Side To Side
Protect And Serve
Stoned Junkee (ft. Mr. 3-2)
Pussy Got Me Dizzy (ft. Mr. 3-2)
Three Sixteens (ft. DJ DMD)

1996 : Ridin' Dirty

2001 : Dirty Money
Let Me See It
Choppin' Blades
Look At Me
Ain't That A Bitch (ft. Devin The Dude)
Gold Grill (ft. 8Ball & MJG)
PA N****
Holdin' Na (ft. C-Note)
Don't Say S**t (ft. Big Gipp)
Dirty Money
Like A Pimp (ft. Three 6 Mafia)
Pimpin Ain't No Illusion (ft. Kool Ace & Too $hort)
Take It Off
Wood Wheel
Money, H**s & Power (ft. Jermaine Dupri)

2002 : Side Hustles

2007 : Underground Kingz
Cocaine - Featuring Rick Ross
The Game Belongs To Me
Tell Me How Ya Feel -Featuring Jazze Pha
How Long Can It Last-Featuring Charlie Wilson
Players Anthem- Featuring Three 6 Mafia
Two Type of Bitches- Featuring Dizzee Rascal
Quit Hatin' The South-Featuring Charlie Wilson and Willie D
Next Up-Featuring Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap
Still Ridin' Dirty
Hit The Block -Featuring T.I.
Trill Niggas Don't Die-Featuring Z-Ro
Take Tha Hood Back- Featuring Slim Thug, Vicious and Middle Fingaz
Stop-N-Go- Featuring Jazze Pha
Again-Featuring Ronald Isley
Real Women- Featuring Talib Kweli and Raheem DeVaughn
Shattered Dreams-Featuring Sleepy Brown
Chrome Plated Woman
Underground Kingz
Life Is 2009 -Featuring Too $hort
Living This Life
Like That

2009 : UGK 4 Life
Still On The Grind featuring Rahemm DeVaughn
Everybody Wanna Ball
Feelin' You
The Pimp & The Bun featuring Ron Isley
She Luv It
7th Street Interlude
Swishas & Erb featuring Sleepy Brown
Purse Come First featuring Big Gipp
Harry Asshole featuring Lil Boosie and Webbie
Used To Be featuring B.Legit,E40 and 8Ball & MJG
Steel Your Mind featuring Too Short & Snoop Dogg
Texas Ave Interlude
Hard As Hell featuring Akon
Da Game Been Good To Me