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my people, my brothers, My fam and crew
The G-Code's in our genes, we breed loyalty, we stay true
I talk and I walk the code, you don't, the rest of us do
all of us, a lot smarter, trust us we know who's who
we saw your true colour, you tell too many secrets
you brag too much about petty crime, enemy weakness
anything I gave you, I'm taking it back
changed my plans, if you're lost or dead, I don't fucking care
now eat it, your own bullshit, what you did nobody do to me
I dare you, out-wit me, linguistically, I'll kill you quickly,
if you discuss me behind my back I'll make it tricky
everything you've done has been shitty, but I will make it fifty-fifty
If I find your family, I'll bring their heads with me

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