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Hip Hop Candy Of The Week : Nikki OHio

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Hip Hop Candy Of The Week : Nikki OHio

Cette semaine on vous on vous présente la belle Nikki-OHIO, elle prétend avoir le meilleur booty 100% naturel du net.

Nikki Ohio est professeur de yoga et n'hésite pas à partager sa passion sur les réseaux sociaux pour le plus bonheur de ses followers.

On vous laisse découvrir ça et n'hésitez pas à nous donner votre avis.



"DO YOU EVER FALL???" I could've save myself but my face would've hit the floor; so I just let it goooooooo I'm holding myself up with the ends of the silks; my hand then misses the catch in transition; it's important if this ever happens to throw your body back in falling so your face doesn't catch the floor. Doing aerial you're gonna fall; its important to know how to fall to keep from breaking your neck. The real question is do I get back up; in everything you do in life you're gonna fall. NEVER hesitate to get back up. I fall all the time when using the silks because it's not standard with my equipment; always trying to do to much. When I first started aerial I stayed on the floor. But I never let that deter me. Enjoy a laugh and a little motivation today on me. Love and light; I pray you get so many blessings today. Namaste #waitforit #igotrightbackuptho #yepithurt #illbeok #yoga #aerialyoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #wshhfitness #slimthick #slimthickyoga #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #fitnessmodel

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