Chief Keef - Chiefin Keef (feat. Tray Savage & Tadoe) [clip]

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Chief Keef
Chiefin Keef
Tray Savage & Tadoe
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Chief Keef nous dévoile le clip de son morceau intitulé "Chiefin Keef", en featuring avec "Tray Savage & Tadoe" à visionner sur

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[Hook: Chief Keef]
Pull up in a foreign (Skrr Skrrr Skrrtt..) She thought she seen a beast
A nigga think I’m going (Heh Heeh Heeeh) I got my thing with me
Glo Gang known for glowin' (Heeh Heeeh) always got a thing or piece
Saying that you blowing (Huuh Huh) but you never seen a piece
I'm high of this earth boy, I'm higher than Jesus be
Coming on my turf ...

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