Denzel Curry - Knotty Head (Remix) (ft. AJ Tracey & Rick Ross) [clip]

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Denzel Curry
Knotty Head (Remix)
AJ Tracey & Rick Ross
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Denzel Curry nous dévoile aujourd'hui le clip de son morceau intitulé "Knotty Head (Remix)", en featuring avec "AJ Tracey & Rick Ross" à visionner sur

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[Intro: Rick Ross]
It's history right here
Wassup my nigga?
It's time to empower these niggas, baby, do it for the city
We got to give it to them raw though, ya heard me?

[Verse 1: AJ Tracey]
J-11 skeet skeet, 23, word to Reeks
I put sauce in these streets
Smashing grabs in no deets
Brody Dave had the squares
Rockstar with ...

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Shot on location outside West London’s Trellick Tower — a cult, government-listed building and a standout example of 1970’s brutalist, inner-city architecture — Knotty Head features Denzel and AJ exchanging verses in a basketball court, interspersed by footage of Denzel’s recent headline UK show at London’s Jazz Cafe, with the tower looming over them in the background.

Available internationally & domestically on January 27th!!!

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