Flying Lotus - Black Balloons Reprise (feat. Denzel Curry) [clip]

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Flying Lotus
Black Balloons Reprise
Denzel Curry
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Flying Lotus nous dévoile aujourd'hui le clip de son morceau intitulé "Black Balloons Reprise", en featuring avec "Denzel Curry" à visionner sur

Passage des paroles "Black Balloons Reprise"

Let's take a nice, deep breath
Slowly exhale
And take a nice, deep breath

The Big Bang happened when the black balloon ignited
I feel the pain shoulder to shoulder as I was knighted
The night turns to day and my days don't seem the brightest
It's like itis, I wanna take a bite out of what life is
If the President fuck around and piss off ISIS

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Flying Lotus presents ‘Black Balloons Reprise’ featuring Denzel Curry, directed by Jack Begert. Premiering 9am PT on Tuesday 3 December. Sign up for Watch Reminders above.

‘Flamagra’ is available now -

Director: Jack Begert
Producers: Sam Canter & Christian Sutton
DP: David Bolen
Prod. Designer: Taylor Almodovar
Art Director: Justin Gardner
Editor: Neal Farmer & Jack Begert
VFX: Andrew Finch
A Psycho Films Production

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