Mike Posner - Look What I’ve Become (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

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artiste:   Mike Posner
titre:  "Look What I’ve Become"
Featuring(s):  Ty Dolla $ign
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Directed by Jon Jon Augustavo
Edited by Christopher Thomas
Produced by Adam Leeman


Walked across Ohio;
Took me 50 days.
I talked to the stars;
They were happy that I came.
Some days I'm a genius;
Others I'm insane.
There is something gorgeous
Underneath the pain.
I can feel it lifting. (Woo!)
I'm feeling good.
I'm thinking 'bout David
from my old neighborhood.
A warm and perfect white light
in each of my cells.
I used to be a pop singer;
now I am myself.

Take a little time right now just to count my blessings, count my blessings. (x2)

Okay, even when I'm falling
there's something underneath;
Something that is perfect,
it’s almost like a dream.
I know Vincent Van Gogh,
I know Princess Di.
And David Foster Wallace,
he calls me all the time.
If I think 'bout paradise,
I'd imagine this.
No drugs, or no alcohol, cuz
I'm high as it is.
And I don't want your money;
I am simply done.
I just walked away,
Look what I've become.

Look what I've become (woo, woo). (x3)
Look what I've become.

[Ty Dolla $ign]
Rollin’ through South Central, better watch your ass.
Bars all on my windows,
Pistol on my bed stand.
To live and die in L.A.
Couldn’t make it off of minimum wage.
I had to get the big body Mercedes.
Cop a Rollie, plus one for my lady, my lady.
I always knew I’d be a legend, saw it in my dreams.
I had to keep one eye open, I could barely sleep.
I had to kill them with success like they’re the enemy.
Murder, murder, murder, Lord mercy me.
I stopped smokin’ last year, fuck that started back again.
God don’t make no accidents.
Look what I’ve become, yeah.
Look what I’ve become.

Music video by Mike Posner performing Look What I’ve Become. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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