Mokobé - I'm In Love With Bamako [clip]

Infos "I'm In Love With Bamako"

I'm In Love With Bamako
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Mokobé nous dévoile aujourd'hui le clip de son morceau intitulé "I'm In Love With Bamako" à visionner sur HipHop Spirit.

Passage des paroles "I'm In Love With Bamako"

Prince Faisal, the absolute ruler of Arabia, had made me a guest of the State. Among the courtesiesand privileges which this brought to me, especially-shamelessly-I relished the chauffeured car whichtoured me around in Mecca with the chauffeur-guide pointing out sights of particular significance.
Some of the Holy City looked as ancient as time itself. Other parts of it resembled a modern Mia...

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