YG Hootie - Still Thuggin' [clip]

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YG Hootie
Still Thuggin'
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YG Hootie nous dévoile le clip de son morceau intitulé "Still Thuggin'" à visionner sur HipHop Spirit.

Passage des paroles "Still Thuggin'"

I’m still thuggin' like I’m supposed to
I’m still rockin' with my old crew
Still thuggin' in that two four
I ain’t runnin' in no cubby hole
Shiftin gears in my window
Watchin who the shit know
I’m a tell a hoe I’m runnin' through
Tryna diss me who you comin' for

[Verse 1]
I think we made the block famous now

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Last week YG Hootie dropped his long awaited project "Hubris" which features the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Rayven Justice & more. Today he delivers his first visual offering from the project for the stand-out track "Still Thuggin". 

Produced by Klasic, who delivers a bouncy, electro fueled track which YG Hootie lends a melodic, sing songy flow reminding his distractors know, he's still here & "Still Thuggin'"

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