Tracklist & lyrics Yacht Rock 2 by Alchemist

Release date: august 30, 2019

Tracklist "Yacht Rock 2":

1 Exclusive Vibe (Intro)
2 Uptown Aquarium (feat. Big Body Bes)
3 Tropical Storm Lenny (feat. Action Bronson)
4 Sex in the Fountain-Bleu (feat. Meyhem Lauren)
5 Stugots (feat. Willie the Kid)
6 Boat Shoes (feat. Gangrene)
7 Ocean Prime (feat. Boldy James)
8 Harry O. (feat. Roc Marciano)
9 Sand Castles (feat. Benny the Butcher & Elcamino)
10 Eastside (feat. Westside Gunn & Conway)
11 Billy Dee (feat. Big Twins)
12 The Floating Hotel (Outro)

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