Tracklist & lyrics Weed & Instrumentals by Curren$y

By  |  3 years ago  |  Artist : Curren$y

Tracklist "Weed & Instrumentals":

1 Break Em Off
2 G.A.S. (Feat. Ty)
3 Cut It, Redone It (Feat. Corner Boy P)
4 Above (Feat. Mr. Marcelo)
5 In My City (Feat. Ty)
6 Chill
7 Jets In It (Feat. Fiend & Mr. Marcelo)
8 Playing Dominoes (Feat. Ty)
9 Sound Like Money (Feat. Corner Boy P)
10 Ultimate Ultimate
11 Still Tippin
12 Watchin’
13 Three In One (Feat. Ty)
14 The Roll Out (Feat. Le$)
15 Color Money (Feat. Tiny C-Style & Ty)
16 Can You Feel Me (Feat. Tiny C-Style)
17 Ritz Carlton (Feat. Corner Boy P)

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