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Freddie Gibbs
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Freddie Gibbs just drop is new music video from his single entitled "Andrea" to watch on

"Andrea" from the project "You Only Live 2wice"

The single "Andrea" is a part of the project "Freddie Gibbs" entitled "YOU ONLY LIVE 2WICE" the release date of "You Only Live 2wice" is expected the May 23, 2017, the tracklist and lyrics are available here: TRACKLISt and LYRICS of You Only Live 2wice.

You Only Live 2wice Cover

Lyrics samples of "Andrea"

Yeah, rock solid nigga
Solid as a motherfuckin' rock, bitch
Yeah, nigga

When you fall, who you gon' land on?
Niggas foundation is shaky, ain't shit to stand on
A man's born with the only guarantee to live and die
But will I die before I live, 'fore I begin to fly?
Nigga, I can't deny when I'm n...

Checkout the full lyrics of "Andrea": Andrea's lyrics


Directed by Eric Nelson
Written & Conceptualized by Ben "Lambo" Lambert, Freddie Gibbs, & Eric Nelson

Vocals by Freddie Gibbs
Produced by Pops, SLWJMZ, & Crooklin
Guitar by Deacon Blues
Additional Vocals by Leon Thomas, Paxton "Paxman" Miller, & Gregory "Big Time" Watts
Mixed, Mastered, Recorded & Co-produced by Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller
Creative Direction/A&R by Ben "Lambo" Lambert

℗ 2017 ESGN Records / EMPIRE

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