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Talk Is Cheap
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JMSN just drop is new music video from his single entitled "Talk Is Cheap" to watch on

"Talk Is Cheap" from the project "Live Atwater Village"

The single "Talk Is Cheap" is a part of the project "JMSN" entitled "LIVE ATWATER VILLAGE" the release date of "Live Atwater Village" is expected the December 02, 2019, the tracklist and lyrics are available here: TRACKLISt and LYRICS of Live Atwater Village.

Live Atwater Village Cover

Lyrics samples of "Talk Is Cheap"

[Verse 1]
Everybody's got somethin' to say
But they ain't never shown me nothing
They all waste their time just stuntin' on me
Ain't nobody gonna get in my way
See, I ain't got to cheat the system
I'm all good, I found my rhythm

So don't waste time tryna tell me
What you think I want to hear

Talk ...

Checkout the full lyrics of "Talk Is Cheap": Talk Is Cheap's lyrics

Written, Produced, Mixed and Performed by JMSN

Directed by Alexa Demie and Natalie Falt
Creative Direction - Alexa Demie
Director of Photography - Deangelo Harding
Video Producers - Nate Ipanag and Marques Mallare (2PM Films)
Colored by James Knott (Big Game Color)
Executive Producer - JMSN
Stylist/Costume Design - Roman Sipe/Menagerié (@bymenagerie)
Set Design - Natalie Falt
1st AD - Marques Mallare
2nd AD - Nathan Ipanag
Set PA's - Edgar Estrada Nicole Pacheco, Marqel Lee
1st Assistant Camera - Seth Lawrence
Best Boy Electric - Robert Calva
Gaffer - John Cypress
Grip - Alex Yoo
Key Grip - Matt Hill
Hair Stylist - Lana Hunter
Choreographer - Montay Romero

Dancers/Actors - Montay Romero(@montayromero), Thomas White (@thomeography), John Santos (@_Origines), Arnie Gjelten (@gjelten), Ryan Walker Page (@ryanwalkerpage), Ryan Vettel

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