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Jorja Smith
The One
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Jorja Smith just drop is new music video from his single entitled "The One" to watch on

Lyrics samples of "The One"

[Verse 1]
Never had to work for love
Don't need you to show me how
Don't want to be falling in
When I'm falling out
Didn't think I'd give for love
Every time I hold it back
Now there’s lust in my head
I'm tryna find who I am

There's choosers, there's takers
There's begging heartbreakers
I don't wanna be t...

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Debut album 'Lost & Found' available now. Listen / Buy:

'The One' remixes from High Contrast & Spyro

Director: Hector Dockrill
Production Company: Pulse Films
Styling: Leah Abbott
Make up: Carol Lopez Reid
Hair: Mitchell Cantrell

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