Rick Ross - Lamborghini Doors (feat. Meek Mill & Anthony Hamilton) [music video]

Infos "Lamborghini Doors"

Rick Ross
Lamborghini Doors
Meek Mill & Anthony Hamilton
Publication date
Rick Ross just drop is new music video from his single entitled "Lamborghini Doors", featured with "Meek Mill & Anthony Hamilton" to watch on HipHop-Spirit.com.

Lyrics samples of "Lamborghini Doors"

[Intro: Rick Ross]
Real talk
So when my nigga Meek caught his case, I went to visit him
I'm walking up to the jail, all the niggas start repping
Beating on glass, kicking the doors, and shit
So when I walk through the door
The captain tell me, "You can't come in here"
Okay, cool
Came back two weeks later, I got access
Soon as I got on t...

Checkout the full lyrics of "Lamborghini Doors": Lamborghini Doors's lyrics

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