TeeFlii - I Can’t Stop (feat. Dom Kennedy) [music video]

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I Can’t Stop
Dom Kennedy
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TeeFlii just drop is new music video from his single entitled "I Can’t Stop", featured with "Dom Kennedy" to watch on HipHop-Spirit.com.

Lyrics samples of "I Can’t Stop"

On my mind
Can I ask you somethin'?
Where'd you get that big ass purse, uh?
On my mind
Have you heard that new TeeFLii?

You the baddest, gotta have it
Girl that body, you're a model
Kitty, kitty, let me see it one more time
Girl your sex be on my mind
Mike Jack' let me beat it one time
Girl your sex be on my mind

Checkout the full lyrics of "I Can’t Stop": I Can’t Stop's lyrics

TeeFlii featuring DOM KENNEDY " I Can't Stop"
Directed by David Camarena

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