Yo Gotti - Customs [music video]

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Yo Gotti
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Yo Gotti just drop is new music video from his single entitled "Customs" to watch on HipHop-Spirit.com.

Lyrics samples of "Customs"

Ayy, Zay, I've been takin' this shit all out the country, ya heard me?
Yeah, yeah, they fuck with dopeboys all over the country, ya heard me? Look
I've been all around the world tryna put us on the map
Ayy, they really fuck with us, like, in other countries and shit
They like the way we talk and shit

I've been all...

Checkout the full lyrics of "Customs": Customs's lyrics

Watch the official music video for "Customs" by Yo Gotti.

Directed by Soto for Light Works Productions.

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