Lyrics: Nothin New

[Intro: Curren$y]
Statik Selektah
I like when they say that
I like the beat when we put that drop on
Coastin' through that shit, yeah, yeah, yeah
Eastside, yeah, yeah, yeah
Just like like every time, Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life
Scribble scratch records
Andretti, Statik Selektah (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
I want solid gold bathroom fixtures
And saltwater fish tanks in the ceiling
Before I spent one night in here
Smoking and staring at a affinity mirror
See myself living with these never ending riches (Never endin' riches)
Twisting joints like swollen, broken fingers (Broken fingers)
Smoking with R&B singers who dressin' room at arenas
You probably seen us and ain't realized you witnessing such genius
'Til we fled the scene in seven Lamborghinis (Nyoom)
Never lenient on them losers (Yeah)
I take it to 'em, we won't hurt 'em if they stop movin' (Stop movin')
Shit'll go smoothly, just like the movies
But there's no re-shooting, what's done is done
Tip your hat to the ones who won
Jet Life, we got a whole town to run (Jet Life)
All them niggas just my sons
Shit they doing, I've already done (I've already done)
There's nothing new under the sun (Under the sun, nigga)

[Chorus: Haile Supreme]
Nobody said it'd be easy
To make it up to the throne
Nobody ever believed me
I guess I told you so

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Yeah, yup
Palm trees and bomb weed, super model top's all I need
We get the funds and proceed
Too many cars to park on one street
Cop some Jordans for my son's feet
The game in my veins, it runs deep
My bars hard as concrete, make it hard to compete
Never fold, y'all crease
And now we do a couple shows a week out the country, so the money increase
On the road, the company, I'm sitting with a 100 mill', in front of me
Monopolizing, I done brought every watch money could buy
Miami, gettin' my steak butterflied
Another day, another flight, another million made before the night
We spend it all 'cause we can really afford it
Private planes really get boarded
Foreign car, get it imported
Know it's real if a nigga record it
Count it up 'til it get boring and do the same shit in the morning, that's on gang

[Bridge: Wiz Khalifa]
Yeah, yup
Gang life
Taylor Jets, countin' checks on the same flight

[Chorus: Haile Supreme]
Nobody said it'd be easy
To make it up to the throne
Nobody ever believed me
I guess I told you so

[Outro: Haile Supreme]
There's only so much time left in this crazy world
I'm just crumblin' 'erb, I'm just crumblin' 'erb
Niggas killing niggas they don't understand
I'm just crumblin' 'erb, I'm just crumblin' 'erb
I've been working for a while
Tryna make it through the fire
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