Lyrics: Baby

When times got hard, you had ya boy with no stress
Love is a war, you got me out here with no vest
I be up all night, I ain't been getting no rest
I wish I had glasses to see what's under yo dress
Baby give me yo best, I love how them jeans fit yo waistline
Courtside, they see us on the baseline
You turn me on every time we FaceTime
You my baby you got' stay mine

We started out as friends but now we lovers
We start out on the block and end up underneath them covers
Let's try the backseat of my Benz without no rubber, pussy good, Kairi been saying she want a little brother
You think I'm joking right? I just got back from Cali, we can smoke tonight, I love scary movies, let's fuck the Poltergeist
I know the last cat did you wrong, I'm here to show ya right, I put in time to learn all about you, this wasn't overnight
You my B-A-B-Y, no more wearing Levi's, took you out adida, we probably like a G5
I know you gotta be tired, put you in prada you mind, ya exes gotta be blind, just think you not in yo prime
Dotted that line well shit it gotta be signed, cause you my (baby)

They look embarrassed when they seen us, put karats on her finger
She watch too much Maury, this ain't ya average Jerry Springer
I play the ball mingler, Puerto Rican looking Armenian, a palm reader couldn't see our future
Not blacking off that pressure, I done lost my car key again
Style 50 Shades of Grey, I studied Kama Sutra
Hallelujah, knocking Odd Future, look in my eyes like I'll do ya
We play Queens for the night, hit God Brewer
My past shorts tryna pop up, like I knew ya
I'm chasing cash, but this shit can get nasty as five sewers
A couple ice cubes in the glass, splash of Colour
Get into shit, when I been the shit, man that's manure
I be lying if I said I wasn't attracting cougars, fucked with Ashanti on repeat, that shit was Foolish
Shoutout my youngin Yim, I'm with the movers, I'm the coolest
Kept on my Rollie, she just tryna smoke me like I'm hookah
If that ain't ya lady, then why you take her to the jeweler?
Don't embrace her like ya shoota, couple aces like my cooler
That Versace shirt smooth but I'm smoother, I'm Slick Rick without the patch, introduced her to my ruler, you my, yeah, you my (baby)

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