Lyrics: Pity in the Summer

***Still transcribing***

New York's pretty pity in the summer
Rotten Apple, baby
And it ain't no pity in the rain
On my sundresses and cocaine
Flyin' into one coast and the other
Might score out here
Now that I really wish I could stay
Ya heard me?

[Verse 1: Jim Jones]
Uh, uh
With all my efforts is so effortless (Like)
I treat these raps like cracks when I was cheffin' bricks
Blindfold me in the kitchen or anywhere next to it (I got it)
Did fuck your bitch, you could put an X next to it
A one-thirty is like a Glock with an extra clip
I call my bitch to make sure she got an extra bitch
I buy a burner phone just so I could text her (He gone)
Set a nigga up, they always fall for a sexy bitch (Silly)
'Specially in the summer with a sundress
A forty-five'll make a grown man undress (Get naked)
Pussy nigga lucky the gun jammed like SummerFest (Boom)
Think about yes but I'ma ten when the sun set
Uh, shit'll make your soul move
Feed a nigga bullets like he was makin' soul food
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