Lyrics: Money Mi A Pree

(Verse 1)
Every youth want.... money stock to the ceiling
Mummy stop cry now a real thing
Feel like mi dreaming
Badmind how yuh feeling
Road never easy
See mi friend switch cause dem greedy
Dem never believe we
Badmind how yuh feeling
We haffi do the road hard
Waan buy a car a mi own yard
Mi nuh waan know morgue
money now...

Money mi a pree
Haffi get rich in a life yeah
Bruk pocket thing a nuh fi me
A nuh fi me, a nuh fi me

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh give a f*k weh the foes dem a try
Done tell mummy seh the house haffi buy
Navino bwoy still a hope seh yuh die
Look inna the sky, seet deh now we a fly
Down inna the ghetto dawg bare star born
Big up every juvenile weh pass and gone
Me dem a pree so mi chant one Psalm
Touch inna the street weh mi seh mi cyah calm

Touch inna the street money inna my palm
When mi seh greens don't feel seh a farm
Alone get face
Hennessy a drink, cranberry we a trace
How yuh feeling

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